2019 Wrestling Room Renovation Project

Parents, Alumni and Friends of the program, I want to reach out to you and thank you for helping with this project. We are getting closer to our Goal! We just need a little bit to have this done by summer!!!!! Please consider donating below to the last little pit we need for this project below:

UPDATE: Wrestling Room Renovation Project $8K Left togo!!!!!!!!

Fix and paint all the walls and doors our Bronco Blue/Gray to include decals, motivational sayings and highlight records

Purchase three new wrestling mats to cover the entirety of the wrestling room and replace old mats that are now ripped, worn, etc. (Some have been there since the school was first opened)

Purchase wall mats to ensure the safety of the Student-Athletes

3 New Televisions with Apple TV and Mounting for technique correction and review

New Locker facilities for the Athletes! Workout Equipment for the Wrestling room!

In order to complete this Now $45,000 project, we are asking for a pledge on each of your behalf. At certain levels, your name will be on a plaque at the entrance of the facility.

Following Pledge levels will receive Items:

• Bronze Donors: $100 RB Wrestling Polo

• Silver Donors: $500 RB Wrestling Polo and Plaque in the Wrestling Room

• Gold Donors: $750 RB Wrestling Polo, Plaque and Tickets to next year’s state finals held at Rabobank arena.

• Platinum Donors: Over $1000 Wrestling Polo, Plaque and Tickets to next year’s state finals held at Rabobank arena. I will personally respond to your pledge. Our Booster Club has an online system set-up to receive payments and we also can accept checks.

Online Link: https://rbwrestling.sportngin.com/register/form/128478467 Contact me for Check submission. This is also a Tax-deductible donation through our clubs 5013c

Thank you to our Current Donors!!!!!!!

Platinum Donors:

• BHMS ASES Program

• Rancho Bernardo Wrestling Club

• RBHS Athletics

• Anonymous Donor

Gold Donors

• Derek and Wesley Abbey Family

• Jack and Mark Hendrickson Family

• Marcus and Carlos Caro Family

Silver Donors

• Charlie and Jeff Hanson Family

• Tyler and Gloria Ruuspakka Family

• Dan Dressel

• Colin and Mark Murphy Family

• Winkowski Family

• Austin Cocoli

• Nick Mendiola

•Chaz, Phil and Terri Franchina Familu

Bronze Donors :

• Dat Nguyen

• Jack and Alex Brown

• RJ, Chris and Robert Villegas Family

• Brandon Osmak 

• Nick and Chris Siedenburg Family

• Dave Nigh

• Sean, Neal and Jana McGurrell Family