Eating Out Wisely

You can maintain your training diet when eating at a restaurant if you are careful about what you
order. Pay attention to how foods are prepared. Choose food that is baked, broiled, boiled, or
poached. Avoid food that is breaded, fried, or served in gravy. Limit your use of butter, margarine,
mayonnaise, sour cream, cream cheese, and regular salad dressings. Instead, use barbeque
sauce, ketchup, mustard, relish, and vegetables for toppings. Do not be afraid to ask for food
served “your way;” ask for extra vegetables in sandwiches or on pizza, skip the extra cheese or
extra meat, request skim or 2% milk, and specify the topping you want.
When you know you will be eating out, carefully choose low-fat foods for your other meals that
day. Also, take along your own fresh fruit to munch on after the meal instead of ordering desserts.
When eating a meal at a fast food restaurant, don’t make it a dietary disaster. A typical fast food
meal is high in fat and low in calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. It is difficult to choose a high carbohydrate
meal at a fast food restaurant. Beware or you can eat half of your caloric allotment
in one meal.

Examples of meals:



747 cal.
Plain English Muffin (S)
Strawberry jam (1 packet)
Scrambled egg (1)
Orange Juice (6 ounces)
2 % milk (1 carton)


650 cal.
Hot Cakes with
butter and 1/2 syrup pack
and orangejuice



719 cal.
Chicken breast Sandwich
on muligrain bread
(no mayonnaise)
Baked potato
Sour cream (1 packet)
2 % milk


1,016 cal.
Chili (8 ounces)
Baked potato, plain
Frosty (small)
Side Salad
3/4 cup lettuce
3/4 cup fresh veggies
1/4 cup cottage cheese


Taco Bell

1,040 cal.
2 tostadas
1 bean burrito
2 plain tortillas
2% milk


1 tostada*
2 bean burritos
1 plain tortilla
2% milk
*if possible, ask that tostada shell
be plain, not fried