RB X-treme Parent Information

  • The team is dedicated to take youth wrestlers between 4th-8th grade to the next level!  They will train at the same level as the High School kids!!!  There is NO Charge to be on the TEAM!  The kids pay the price thru their hard work!  However, if a kid MISSES TWO consecutive practices with out a formal acknowledgement from a coach they are released for the team.  This is just a courtesy as we have some coaches traveling from distances to be apart of this great program.  If your kid is going to MISS practice please email beforehand or ASAP and we will respond!  RB X-treme team wrestlers receive free admission to all home high school wrestling duals.  WRESTLERS MUST WEAR THEIR TEAM SHIRT for free admission..


To be Determined….

WE LIMIT the X-treme team to 20 Athletes.  WE DO NOT MIND IF WE ARE UNDER 20.

IN Wrestling Success,

Joe Eddie Terribilini

Program Director

RB Wrestling