RB Wrestler Materials

College Readiness and Elite Wrestler packet

  1. Wrestling Folder Checklist wrestfoldercklistwrestfoldercklist
  2. Sample 4 Year School Plan –scheduleforWrestler
  3. High School and Clearinghouse requirement Cross-out sheet- hsrequirementschecklist
  4. Wrestler Year around Training timeline –training timeline
  5. Weekly Training log- traininglog
  6. Wrestler Goals Packet- GOAL PACKET
  7. Lifting Differential Testing lifttestingblank

Lifting Programs

  1. 2 Day a week “Extra” Lifting. (Ideal in Spring/Summer Season) 2-day a week Extra lifting plan
  2. 4 day a week “Extra” Lifting. (Ideal in Spring/Summer Season) 4dayweekworkout
  3. Circuit style workout (Pre-season/Inseason) Rancho Bernardo Wrestling workouts
  4. 3 Week size gain workout (Undersized in season) 3weekundersized

Wrestling Skills

  1. Basic Skills accountability checklist BasicSkillsChecklist