RB Youth Wrestling

 RB Youth Wrestling

Levels are Classified by Experience not by success: (These are always up for discussion)

Less then 1 year of wrestling and 10 career matches (Beginner)

1-3 years of wrestling and less then 20 career matches (Novice)

2-4 Years of Wrestling and over 20 Career matches (Intermediate)

2+ years experience and over 40 career matches (Advanced)



RB Colts: Ages 5-14.  Beginner- Advanced levels (November-February)

RB X-treme: Ages 9-14. Intermediate- Advanced levels (Year around opportunities)

RB Futures: Ages 5-9. Novice- Advanced levels (Year around opportunities)

Bernardo Heights middle school. Grades 6-8th (Fall season Clinic (TBD) and Spring season March-May)