Parents and RB Wrestling Supporters,

I think we have the people to reach our goals. I think we just need the right direction. I think this starts with me!

I first want to thank you all for your continued support of the program. I think that we are on the verge of something big in our program. The term big has a lot of different unknowns. But, how big and successful will depend on the boosters. It’s going to take all of us owning positions and to be a piece of the puzzle.

I want to revamp our boosters to be stronger than ever. My new terminology I am going to use this season to the team and our booster club is “Don’t just exist, Be present in all you do!”

I understand that everyone is busy and have work, family and other obligations. That’s why I want us to adapt the “We are a team Philosophy” The RB Wrestling program is the Family and the boosters are a team in that family.

I think a constant dialogue, common goals and no drama mentality will be something that we can all agree is the key to success.

On this note:

I think our first goal is to understand that the Boosters of RB Wrestling support all RBWC programs. These are:

Rancho Bernardo High School Wrestling

Bernardo Heights Wrestling

RBWC High School Freestyle/Greco season

RBWC High School Folkstyle pre-season

RBWC X-treme

RBWC Futures

RBWC Colts


Now the word support will both be by raising funds and creating a positive experience for all involved. We must retain our Athletes in the sport.

We need representation from all these programs.

I think finding the right spot for each individual will come with time. I don’t believe in putting someone in a position without them 100% owning and enjoying that position is beneficial and enjoyable.

I think this was our problem before as we “assigned” people positions. I want people to own their position. (Easier said than done)

I want us to be the standard of wrestling programs in the nation both on the mat with the boys and off the mat with the boosters.

With all this being said:

Positions that will be needed to fill:

TRESURER (Knowledge of quick books and basic accounting principles needed)

-Does all books for program

-Keeps accurate records of all financial interactions

If you know anyone wanting to be treasurer for the program please let myself or Tammy know. Ms. Kennedy has done a great job! I wish she would stay on forever. But, as Patrick moves on I think it’s fair that she is found a replacement.

Snack bar/Eatery Coordinator (Coordinates all fundraising that includes food)(can be a team effort)

-Snack bars at all events

-eat out nights

If you know anyone wanting to take the lead on all snack bar fundraising let myself or Tammy know. Mr. and Ms. Siedenburg have done a great job. Again, I wish they would never leave. But, as Nick move on I only think it’s fair.

  1. The booster meetings are the second Tuesday of each month
    1. Generally done in my classroom. Room: 804
    2. Start at 6pm and done by 730.
  2. We do them during practice to facilitate kids being at practice to cut down on trips.
  3. The booster fiscal Calendar is generally from May-April.
  4. The boosters is more than fundraising.

Also, Attached is programs Vision that may answer many questions.…….. This might be boring for many….. But, if I get a team bought into all we will be the best!

I look forward to feedback for any of you! We will strive to be the best!

Thank you,



Joe Eddie Terribilini

RB Physical Education

Head Wrestling Coach

Freshman Football Coach

WE Can…

We Will…

We Must…

“I am not concerned that you have fallen — I am concerned that you arise.”

― Abraham Lincoln




RBWC is 501(c)(3) organization. 

Board of Directors

Program Director…….Joe Eddie Terribilini
President……………….Tammy Badgett
Vice President………..OPEN POSITION
Treasurer……………….Open Position
Secretary……………….OPEN POSITION

Webmaster…………….Open Position
Junior Club Director…Jason Kameya
Alumni Liaison…………Open Position

Stat Brat Liason…………. Open Position
Snack Bar………………John Donzella
Travel Coordinator…..Open Position
Team Manager……….Eddie Badgett

Other Members:

Jen Jovero

Frank Rizzo

Joni Zidarevich