RB Wrestling Expectation March-November

Practice Commitment

Wrestling will officially begin its Spring off-season beginning two-Three weeks immediately after the CIF State Tournament. Practices will be on Tuesday/Thursday Nights for RBWC and also Other day to be announced  for RB Wrestlers . Wrestlers can expect to lift weights daily in PE along with Monday and Friday Mornings at 6am for the Spring.  Attendance is expected, unless the athlete is competing for another SCHOOL team. This will run thru Final Exams. During the summer time, We hold multiple camps and we will practice multiple days per week. The Fall Off-season will start the first week of school starting. Practices will be on Tuesday/Thursday Nights for RBWC  and also Other day to be announced  for RB Wrestlers .

Budget – Plan for Success!

Off-season wrestling can be expensive, and there are costs to plan for. This list is not exhaustive, but should give you a good idea of what expenses to budget for in the spring and summer:

Club Association Cards – These cards are required to compete at the club level. It ensures that the athlete, club and organization are covered by insurance. There are two separate organizations, so it depends on which tournament you attend.

Sacrifice = Success!

We believe that we can outwork all of other teams by putting more time in during the off season. However, the overall success of our team depends on the cumulative commitment of all its members – we need everybody at practice, all the time!

Many of our wrestlers want the individual success at the top level, but to achieve that success demands a high level of commitment to the sport and development. How does one get there? It takes sacrifice and investment from both the wrestler and his family. Our goal is 1,500 matches as a team in the offseason.


  1. USA Wrestling – The High School team has a team membership. $40. Can be purchased at www.themat.com > membership. Good for one year. (May or may not be needed)
  2. SCWAY – $17. Can be purchased at www.scway.org. Good for one year. (May or may not be needed)

State Level Tournaments (overnight stay is required)

  1. Hotel – $50
  2. Entry Fee – $40 (many times you can pre-register through the internet)
  3. Food – two days worth (est. $100)

Local Level Tournaments (driving distance) – these are optional tournaments, and a great way to get lots of matches.
1. Entry Fee – $15-25

Summer Camp:

– The coaching staff will organize and attend a summer camp with the team. Wrestlers who do not go to a national tournament should plan on going to summer camp.

  1. ~ $600

National Team Expenses – We believe that wrestling at one of the national level tournaments in the summer is an essential part of a wrestler’s development. There are multiple options at where an athlete can make this happen – some of them are open entry, others require an application. Often these are the biggest expense that you will encounter in the off season – plan for your son’s success.

National Team Goals:

The goal of every wrestler in our program should be to compete in the off season for a national team. Wrestlers who do not qualify or get invited to National Teams should go to wrestling camp.

However, different national teams provide different experiences for our kids, and parents and kids should make smart choices in selecting which tournaments to compete at. The dual tournament (America’s Cup, Association Duals) often provides more matches for less cost, whereas if your goal is to be a NHSCA Nationals Champion, you must train and prepare to compete at an elite level. The cost is higher, but so is the reward.
Make sure to talk to the coaching staff about which level tournament should be appropriate for your development at this time.

Practice Times


Wrestling (Fall)

Monday 6:00-8:00pm (RBWC)
Wednesday 6:00-8:00pm RBWC)
Saturdays to be Announced

Spring Weight Training

Monday 6:00-7:00am
Friday 6:00-7:00am
Saturday Warrior Workout/SPEZ Workouts—Variable times

Everyday in Wrestling PE.