Our off season System

There is not a magical workout, technique or philosophy to becoming a championship program.

Rancho Bernardo Wrestling prides itself on having the best off-season program around. This
program if 100% bought into will make the RB Wrestling top notch on County, State and National
levels. 100% Buy in will mean no more or no less than is offered. There is not a magical workout, technique or philosophy to becoming a championship program. It is all about 100% buy in,
hard work and facilitation of a unified program by the coaching staff.

March to April

Individual one on one meetings with each athlete. Each athlete will get a 30 minute slot and will discuss
goals, expectations and a detailed plan of how to achieve individual and team goals.

March/April Off-season begins

  • Practices: Tuesday/Thursday 600-8pm and other times To be determined
  • Spring Season Lifting: Monday/Friday mornings 6:00-7:00AM and Everyday in PE. (This is a customized routine. For maximum results no sessions should be missed)
  • SPEZ Workouts offered to kids to get the extra experience.


  • We will compete in 4-5 competitions with dates to be determined as they become available

Camp Season June thru August

  • Training Camp I (Technique and Training camp)
  • Team Camp (Or other team camp)
  • Training camp II (Technique and Training camp )
  • JRobinson intensive (should attend 1 time in high school career)
  • Others deemed necessary on a year to year basis


  • California State Games
  • US Open in Las Vegas
  • Fargo Nationals for Qualifiers
  • Association Duals for Qualifiers
  • Ultimate Summer Series tournament
  • Local competitions and other opportunities

PRE-Season August thru October

(“The 26 Days” is a systemized pre-season workout routine and a wrestling system.)

  • Practices: Monday and Wednesday nights 600-8 and other times to be determined.


  • We will compete in 5-7 tournaments


  • Stronger Wrestlers both Mentally and Physically.
  • Smarter Wrestlers both Mentally and Physically.
  • RB Wrestling Family closer and bigger.
  • 1,500 team off-season matches.
  • Education of parents on the sport and its values for the athletes lifetime.
  • Best technical team around.
  • RB Style known and practiced to perfection
  • 3.5+ Team GPA
  • Community service projects